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What We Do


By using our proven 3 step process (AED) we have helped countless in Fort Worth and surrounding cities get back to making memories with family and friends, enjoy life without pain and improve independence throughout all stages of life. Assess - Taking the time to listen to you and understanding your pain will help us to generate a specific plan of care that's tailored to you and your goals. Educate - By teaching you along the way we help you to understand what's happening and how to better manage current and future symptoms. Defer - Which is exactly what you will do to symptoms by utilizing the exercises and knowledge gained. Through education and lifestyle changes we are able to prevent future symptoms of old issues, as well as limit new ones. ...AEDs have been proven to restore function back to normal.

In-Home Physical Therapy

In the comfort of your own home, we stop in to ensure that you're getting the required activity to remain healthy and pain-free. All of the same physical therapy services utilizing the equipment and resources available to you. We will help provide certain equipment to ensure you're successful!

In-Clinic Physical Therapy

Join us at our facility for all of our performance and physical therapy services. We have everything you need to get back to pain-free living on your terms, with those you love.

We offer group and couples sessions so you can continue to live your best life - together.

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Performance and Wellness

Personal Training - Group/Couples Classes customized for your life and goals. Whether you're training for yourself or trying to be the best on the co-ed kickball team, we are here every step of the way.

If you're just looking for a lifestyle change - We have the best community around that will not only help support you in your fitness and wellness journey, but push you to where failure isn't an option.

First Step

Introduce yourself and join our mailing list to get all kind of FREE educational content on how you can stay out of pain and continue making memories with your family. If you would like more attention, we would love to give you it at a FREE Discovery Visit. 

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